A single revenue stream is not enough! Why we don't count on ad revenue for our income.

From $0-$80k on YouTube: How You Can RV Full-time by Growing a Successful YouTube Channel

Why a single revenue stream is not enough and why we DON'T count on ad revenue for our income!

How a successful YouTube Channel opens the doors for additional income streams.

The heart of our success: what we learned after spending $15k on coaches and courses. 

Wednesday June 17th, 2020 5pm PT/ 8p, ET

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You Can Use YouTube to Afford Amazing Adventures, Gather a Tight-knit Community & Open Doors that will Blow Your Mind! 

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A Single Revenue Stream is NOT Enough! Why We DON'T Count on Ad Revenue for Our Income.

YouTube is where it all starts and an engaged following is the key to success but if we were counting on ad revenue alone we wouldn't be RV-ing right now. In this FREE Class we will uncover the ins and outs of YouTube monetization.

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How a Successful YouTube Channel Opens the Doors for Additional Income Streams.

We have companies fighting to give us their products! And with those products also come affiliate commissions. While the ad revenue on a single video may be in the hundreds of dollars the affiliate commission from the same video could be in the thousands! But these opportunities aren't given to channels who don't care about their followers.

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The Heart of Our Success: What We Learned After Spending $15k on Coaches and Courses.

There are tactics and strategies that will bring you success and we can teach you how to get monetized crazy fast. But there is one thing that at the heart of our success. Register for this free class to learn how to turn the tide and get the algorithm to favor you.


A Special Invitation from Your Instructors

We have watched countless families and couples launch out in their RV determined to see the amazing lands America has to offer thinking if they just document their travels on YouTube they will have the income to keep the journey going.

It breaks our hearts when they have to sell their RV and end their journey. If they only knew what was involved in growing a successful channel then maybe they could have made their dreams a reality.

We put together this free class to help you start out on the right foot. So that you aren't trapped waiting for retirement, for your second property to sell or saving up for years before your dream becomes a reality.

Please join us and discover what is truly at the heart of our success.